What you will get at Lakshya?

Regular Parent-Teacher Meetings

Since the starting, Lakshya strongly believed in including parents in their child's academics. We started the course of Parent-Teacher Meetings and Parents' Awareness Seminars in coaching institutes. The meeting and seminar strongly believe in sharing the student's progress report with their parents and addresses their academic condition, to take proper steps to enhance the abilities of the student. There is a one-on-one interaction between the teachers and the students so that the right solution can be delivered at the same time. Meetings are held on the second Saturdays and Sundays of June, September, December & February at our centers.

Focus on Passive Learners

Lakshya has worked for constantly raising a student’s level of knowledge from basic to surpass his/her actual potential. In addition to this, Lakshya has always focused on improving the knowledge gaining skills of slow learners. Such students are taught to learn easily and do better in various exams.

Micro-Schedule & Content-Based Learning

Each lecture is micro-scheduled that means each topic is divided into different sub-topics, which make easier for the students to understand the topic well, depending on their grasping capabilities.

Easier Board Preparations

For cracking any competitive exam understanding of the basic concepts are essential. Students and Parents have a fear that competitive exam preparation can effect board exam preparations. We at Lakshya emphasize our students to write definitions, diagrams and statements of laws in the class and the booklets. For making a student tuned up in writing the answer in a proper manner subjective level tests are conducted before the school examinations. The students are trained what to write and how to write depending on the marks allocated to them.

Frequent Interaction with Students and Parents

Our experienced faculty constantly interacts with parents and students to review the student’s progress. In addition to the regular PTM's, these interactive sessions are conducted.

Routine Motivational Lectures

Lakshya believes that a stable and strong mind can benefit in achieving success. To promote the same, frequent motivational sessions are provided to reinforce the mindset of students and help them to stay focused.

Doubt-Solving Sessions

At Lakshya, each student is provided with the benefit of extra classes for clearing their concepts and doubts after the regular classes. These extra classes are known as Doubt solving sessions. Each student can take the benefit of these doubts solving sessions.

Hostel Facility

Lakshya Institute has the arrangements for Hostel facility for its learners.

Transport Facility

Before exams, students may need last-minute guidance on personal schedules/routines, time management, subject improvement techniques, test strategies, etc. The faculty of Lakshya personally guide learners based on their last performance analytics.

Yoga Sessions & Psychological Counselling

To reduce stress and address emotional needs, we provide a Yoga Acharya, a regular mentor at Lakshya. He helps in lessening stress through meditation, healing and other stress management routines. We conduct regular sessions throughout the year to keep the students physically and mentally fit.

Recreational Trip—Sambhav

To unlock the complete potential of the students, Lakshya teachers believe in making 'Learning More Interesting'. Students are taken on the recreational trip to Kaivalayadhama (Lonavala) to explore their inner strength and shed their stress at the end of their 11th standard.