Lakshya Institute's Foundation Classes (7th to 10th Grades)

Welcome to Lakshya Institute's Foundation Classes


At Lakshya Institute, we believe in building a strong foundation from an early age for academic success. Our specialized Foundation Classes for students from 7th to 10th grades focus on reinforcing basic concepts while introducing advanced topics in a simplified manner.

Course Highlights

  • Duration: Our Foundation Classes span the academic year for continuity and depth in learning.
  • Subjects Covered: Core subjects like Mathematics, Science, and Social Science are covered.
  • Interactive Learning: Teaching methods include interactive sessions, quizzes, and practical experiments.


Our curriculum is designed to align with school syllabus while introducing advanced topics for comprehensive learning.

Skill Development

We incorporate soft skills training into our curriculum for holistic development.


Our faculty members are specialized in teaching younger students for age-appropriate, high-quality education.

Why Choose Our Foundation Classes?

  • Strong Foundation: Transition to competitive exam preparation becomes smoother.
  • Personalized Attention: Small batch sizes for individual focus.
  • Interactive Learning: Modern, tech-equipped classrooms.
  • Parent-Teacher Meetings: Regular updates for parents.

Benefits of Foundation Classes at Lakshya Institute

  • Early Exposure to Complex Topics: Prepares students for future challenges. One of the most significant advantages of foundation courses is the early exposure students receive to complex subjects. This early start gives them more time to grasp challenging topics, making it easier when they encounter these subjects in competitive exams.
  • Improved Academic Performance: Reflects positively in school and other exams. Foundation courses align closely with the school curriculum but go a step further by offering in-depth knowledge. This often reflects in the student's academic performance, not just in school but also in various Olympiads and other competitive exams at a school level.
  • Development of Analytical Skills: Vital for problem-solving in competitive exams. These courses are designed not just to cover the school syllabus but to go beyond. They focus on developing analytical and logical skills, which are vital for problem-solving—a key skill in almost every competitive exam and also in real-world applications.
  • Time Management Skills: Builds good study habits early on. Foundation courses often involve a rigorous study schedule, which helps students develop good study habits and time management skills. Learning to balance school work with foundation course studies prepares them for the multitasking they'll need to do in later academic years.
  • Reduced Stress in Senior Years: Familiarity with topics eases future preparation. When students reach their senior years and start preparing for competitive exams like the IIT/JEE or NEET, those with a strong foundation often find the preparation less stressful. They are already familiar with many of the concepts and problem-solving techniques, making the process less overwhelming.
  • Builds Confidence: Mastery of topics boosts self-esteem. Mastering complex topics at a younger age can significantly boost a student's confidence. This increased self-esteem often leads to a more positive attitude toward learning and education, in general.
  • Versatility in Learning Paths: Keeps options open for various career choices. A strong foundation leaves doors open for multiple career paths. Whether a student eventually opts for engineering, medical, or any other field, the skills and knowledge gained through foundation courses remain applicable.


"Enrolling my son in the Foundation Classes was a great decision. Remarkable improvement in his academics."
- Mrs. Anjali Verma, Parent

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I enroll my child in the Foundation Classes?
Enrollment can be done both online and offline. Please visit our website or call us for more details.
Do you offer scholarships for the Foundation Classes?
Yes, scholarships are available based on academic performance and financial need.
What is the student-teacher ratio in these classes?
We maintain a low student-teacher ratio to ensure personalized attention. The specific ratio varies by class and subject.
Do you provide study material?
Yes, comprehensive study material, designed by our expert faculty, is provided to all students.
Are parent-teacher meetings conducted regularly?
Yes, we conduct regular parent-teacher meetings to discuss the student's performance and address any concerns.

Contact Us

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