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NCERT one of the famous education body conducts National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) highly deemed examinations in India. NTSE is conducted to identify the talent of the students across the country and helps them financially to pursue higher education in social studies and science. Lakshya helps its students to prepare for the examination with full conviction and dedication to achieve outstanding results. Lakshya provide thebest NTSE coaching in Gurgaon.

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Let's go deeper to know about the NTSE. As stated earlier, NCERT the known education body conduct this NTSE exam to find talented candidates and nourish them for the future well-being of the country. The exam provides financial assistance to all the eligible class 10th students for their academic growth. This scholarship program is the initiative, which not only motivates the students but also boosts their confidence to achieve something big in their career. The NTSE exam is a two-stage selection process exam. State and UTs proceed to the first stage selection process by conducting written exam. After the written exam selected candidates are recommended by the States/UTs to take stage two, written exam conducted by NCERT.

To become eligible for NTSE scholarship the candidate should possess the vast knowledge of the syllabus up to 10th class. Lakshya faculty aims to polish young minds to become future eminent experts. We conduct the excellent NTSE sessions at Lakshya, Gurgaon to prepare the students to gain and excel prestigious scholarship. If you are a student seeking help or parents who want their child to grow in their career then come and meet us, we will show you the right path for the fruitful results.  

Class Xth students give NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) exam. The exam consists of two tests-the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and Mental ability test (MAT). The questions are multiple-choice in SAT and MAT. Each question has four alternatives. The applicants are asked to select the correct answer from the four given alternatives and mark it on the answer sheet. Each right answer will award the students with one marks. Hence, the total score obtained by the candidate in the exam is equal to the marks obtained by them. The count of questions, amount of time allotted and marks allocated in the exam are as follows-

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Test Type


No. of Items

Duration (in mintues)


Mental Abillity Test (MAT)




Qualifying in Nature

Language Test (LT)




Number of Questions

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)




Science :40 Social Science :40 Mathematics : 20

NTSE Stage-1 State Level

1 for right answer and 0 for wrong”answer negative marking”



NTSE Stage-1 State Level

1 for right answer and 0 for wrong”answer negative marking”

Important Events

 Expected Date

Availability of Application form

July Mid

Last Date to Submit Application form

August End

NTSE Stage-1 Exam-State Level

2nd Sunday of November

Result of Stage-1


NTSE Stage-2 Exam-National level

2nd Sunday of May

NTSE Stage-2 Result


Mental Ability Test (MAT): The test judge candidate's ability to think, power of reasoning, ability to judge, discriminate or evaluate, spatial orientation, ability to visualize in the space etc. Multiple questions like classification, analogies, pattern perception, series, coding-decoding, hidden figures, problem-solving, block assembly, etc. are mode for the NTSE Scholarship.

Procedure For Application:

Students who are appearing for the State level NTS examination conducted by State/UT have to fill up an application form. The form is directly submitted to a state/UT liaison officer.

If the application fee is prescribed by state/UTs in the form then it needs to be deposited by the applicant/principal with the application form.

The four-digit centre code has to be left blank and needs to be filled by the liaison officers or other authorities.

The above information given is tentative and is based on the last year. Lakshya is not liable for the authentication of the given information.

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Schedule- Fortnightly Tests

  • Objective Tests & Subjective(Boards)
  • AIIMS and NEET Pattern Tests
  • Cumulative Syllabus Tests, Full Tests and Chaer Wise Tests
  • Full Lakshya north Tests, common tests with Lakshya Mumbai and Center Wise tests 
  • Regular Online Tests on Robo-Assess
  • Prayaas: Revision Test Series
    • Part tests and Revision Classes
    • Full Tests and Revision Test Series
    • 3month Revision test series
  • NEET & AIIMS Test Series

Result Analysis

  •  Centre Rank
  • In-deh result analysis of each test
  • Detailed analysed report of each test
  • Question & subject wise Analysis