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Things to avoid on the last days of your IIT JEE preparation

IIT JEE is the toughest nut to crack to get into the world of engineering. It’s your path towards your engineering goals and career. Many aspirants assume that students who perform well in the class can only clear this exam. But in reality, anyone can crack this exam and get into the most reputed IIT colleges to build a great future for themselves. All they require is determination and a good strategy. In this blog, Lakshya, the best IIT coaching institute in Gurgaonhas tried to break the myth and provide you with a few things that can help you to focus more on your goal. 

Overlooking the basics

One can’t construct a multi-storey building without a strong foundation. Similarly, the basics of each and every subject are the foundation of your IIT JEE preparation. No matter how much you study and what all books you consider, if your foundation is weak, then clearing this exam will be a tough game. Lakshya, the IIT JEE coaching institutes in Gurgaonhelps you in clearing your concepts and makes your preparation easier. Join our foundation course for better results.

Neglecting Health

Some aspirants get themselves involved in studying so much that they forget about taking care of their health. They ignore the meals, stay up late, and many times get strict towards their study schedule. All this can make you sick and also can result in poor retention ability. We at Lakshya, the IIT JEE coaching classes in Gurgaonacknowledge all our students to focus on both their studies and health. Proper rest and a healthy meal is needed to stay active and motivated throughout the process.

Avoid unnecessary stress

It’s ok if you scored less in your mock test. It’s ok if you are unable to understand the concept immediately and require some time to go through it in detail. Aspirants take stress over all these aspects and conclude that they’ll not be able to crack the exam. You just need to do your job, study each and every topic religiously and keep the rest on your hard work. You’ll definitely succeed. 

Say No to screens for a few days

Try to avoid using mobile phones and watching TV in your preparation period. It may result in low productivity and consumes a lot of your time. It’s better to indulge yourself into something productive in your break time. It will improve your efficiency and also refresh your brain. Make a plan and include your breaks in it for fruitful results.

Do you agree with these points? We are sure you must be doing a bunch of these things and seeing the results too. But for those who find cracking IIT JEE entrance difficult, these tips are the saviour. Your dream college is just a step away! Just believe in yourself, and you’ll win it.


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