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Learn The Importance Of Numericals With The IIT Coaching In Gurgaon

Since the past few years, IIT JEE exam and other competitive exams are taking place both on online and offline mode to test the abilities of a student and are not simply dependent on your board exam results. Indeed, the syllabus of IIT JEE exam and CBSE exam is the same, which includes subjects such as chemistry, physics and maths and all the chapters which come in board exams are same. The main question is what’s the difference between the JEE exam and CBSE exam and why CBSE scores are not considered for the JEE exams. IIT coaching in Gurgaon helps you to understand better the exam pattern. 

12th board examination mainly focuses more on the theory that in return focuses on the derivation of the definition and its conceptual part and ask the questions straight from it but competitive exams do not ask definition or questions directly. The main focus of the IIT JEE entrance exam is primarily on the usage and application of the theory, which involves the mid & advanced level numericals. IIT coaching in Gurgaon helps the candidate to learn the application of the theorems in the form of numericals to solve the questions quickly.

We at Lakshya, IIT coaching in Gurgaon focus entirely on both numericals and theory and try that we give 80% of our time to solve the numerical problems rather than just mugging up the derivation of definition and formulas. We have a team of professionals who holds expertise in their subjects and are experienced to solve high level numerical problems in the coaching classroom so that the learner can have a demonstrated Idea of using the formulas, deriving formulas and theories that they have learned in the theory classes.

All in all, we know that the base for any engineering entrance exam is primarily the usage of the theory and not the concept itself, and this is precisely what we follow in our classes also. This is what which makes Lakshya better than any other coaching institute as others focus primarily on the theory part. With our proper guidance and regular practice, our students are able to rank top in IIT JEE exam and enrich our institute with outstanding results. We believe in providing quality education to our students which can be seen in our results.


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