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Last Two Months To Go For NEET 2020! Are You Prepared?

Many students jump into the fray late but wish to perform well in the NEET exam. But it’s quite challenging when you are left with only the last two months of preparation. It’s because of the comprehensive and vast NEET syllabus, and the count of test takers. If one has not finished his basics of any subject, then it will turn into an arduous task to be completed. This blog by Lakshya, the best medical coaching institute in Gurgaonis an attempt not to discourage you but instead encourage and guide you to manage the time and tick all the right circles.  

With Lakshya, the medical coaching in Gurgaon, go through all the tips & tricks on how to ace NEET 2020 exam with the last two months’ preparation.

Two months for the preparation are not enough, so the trick is to maximize each & every minute, like prioritizing the important topics, and not wasting time on time consuming topics, and being practical about one’s skills and capabilities. Getting yourself enrolled in the best coaching for NEET in Gurgaon for two months of crash course can also help.

Be Realistic

Before starting your preparation, examine your strengths and weaknesses. If you have the feeling that you have scratched out the syllabus, then you should go for mock tests offered by multiple medical coaching in GurgaonBut, if you are in doubt, then finish the syllabus smartly; instead, going for all the topics pick those having maximum weightage. This way, you’ll get more time to concentrate on other subjects, as your attention would not be distributed. Alternately, if you have a strong foundation, you may go the whole hog and try to obtain maximum marks.

Understand the syllabus and pattern of the exam

According to the NEET syllabus, questions will appear from three subjects – Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics. The best medical coaching institute in Gurgaon advises sticking only to the material listed in the NEET syllabus, as questions will invariably be asked from them only. 

Study Routine

After understanding the exam syllabus and pattern, make a rigorous study routine. The benefit of having an actionable study routine is that you’ll be able to track your progress effectively. Also, with an ideal study plan, you’ll be able to assign your time for the topics that need more attention.

Solving Mock tests or Sample papers

Sample papers contain problems similar to the ones asked in the NEET exam. So, Sample papers will give a student the insight of NEET exam questions and helps them to solve efficiently. The sample papers will also help you to identify your weak and strong area. Give the Mock test to see your preparation level and find where you are standing in the crowd.

Hope the last minute preparation tips and tricks by best coaching for NEET in Gurgaon, helps you in building your remaining two months NEET entrance exam plan.

All the best!


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