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Is IIT your Dream?- Crack JEE Mains 2020 to Open your Career Doors

The IIT aspirants who dream or get into IITs can be classified into two – some realize and plan to achieve the goal at an early stage while few start preparation after appearing for any public or board exam. We cannot pronounce the differences, but the early starters have a bit of benefit over the students who have started late. Lakshya, IIT coaching in Gurgaon will help you in making your dream come true, because for us your preparation tenurity is not an obstacle, we believe in bracing the students to achieve their goals.

Lakshya, the IIT coaching in Gurgaon, guides you to get into your dream college

The first question which needs to strike in every student mind is,” what it takes to get into the most elite engineering institute, IIT and how one should start the preparation?” All your queries will be answered by the reputed IIT coaching in Gurgaon. 

1.Understand the Exam

The IIT JEE Main consists of 90 MCQ’s and lasts for three hours. There are three sections in the exam- Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Each section comprises of 30 questions. Every question carries equal weight. Four points are awarded for the correct answer. For each incorrect answer, one point is deducted. No points are deducted or awarded for an unanswered question at our JEE coaching in Gurgaon.

2.Know Advanced exam structure

The structure of the Advanced exam is different from the Main exam but the subjects are same. The Advanced exam is divided into two papers, each divided into three sections which are three hours long. The papers are incorporated of MCQ’s.

3. Take Mock tests

The best way to conquer the exam is by giving a lot of mock tests, the tests are available for free on JEE website and are same as actual JEE test in terms of format, content and structure. Completing the mock test will give you the sneak peek of the exam and will help you to prepare several important topics.

4.Refer to past papers 

Another best resource to clear the exam is going through with the past year’s JEE papers. Unlike, the mock tests contain questions specifically made for them, JEE last year papers include exact questions that comes in exam and they are even a valuable resource for the exam.

5. Start your prep ASAP

If you want to make it to your dream college, start as soon as possible. The early you start the better it will be. IIT JEE Advanced and Main exams require serious preparation and planning. Plan it wisely and win the race.

Hope the preparation tips mentioned above will help you in converting your dream college. Prepare well and reach your goal!


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