NEET and NET paper leak: President Murmu says government is working on reforms and transparency is essential

NEET paper leak: The incident has infuriated students all throughout the nation. Regarding the paper leak event, the opposition has been challenging the government nonstop. The President made reference to this in his speech as well. By : LASKHYA INSTITUTE | Edited By:…


NEET controversy: Dharmendra Pradhan admitted there is a need for reform in NTA

In the NEET Paper Leak case, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan seems to have taken a U-turn. Amid the massive protests against the NTA for the rigging in the NEET exam results. Student organizations of big educational institutions like Delhi…

Just Relax but wise-fully !

Utilize Summer Holidays Effectively: A Guide for JEE and NEET Aspirants The month of June, with its holiday break, is an excellent opportunity for JEE and NEET aspirants to make significant progress in their preparation. While relaxation and unwinding are…

बोर्ड Exam और Flu सीजन चल रहे हैं साथ, ऐसे रखें अपनी सेहत का ख्याल ताकि न छूटे परीक्षा.

During flu season, students preparing for exams like the CBSE Board must prioritize their health and well-being to stay focused and perform their best. By emphasizing hygiene, boosting immunity, staying active, managing stress, and avoiding close contact with sick individuals, students can reduce their risk of illness and ensure they’re in top form come exam day. Prevention is key, so instilling healthy habits early on can make all the difference in maintaining fitness and achieving academic success.

CBSE exams 2024: Last-Hour revision tips for Class 12 PCB

With the Class 12 board exams kicking off on February 15th, the anticipation is real. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology – the trio that’s been accompanying you throughout – are now in the spotlight. The pressure to revise effectively is peaking,…

Finding Your Optimal Study Time: A Personalized Approach

“Identifying the most effective study time is a deeply personal journey. It hinges on understanding your chronotype – are you an early bird who thrives with the sunrise or a night owl who finds clarity in the quiet of the night? The environment plays a crucial role too. A distraction-free zone is paramount, whether it be in the peaceful early hours or the stillness of late night. Balancing your study sessions with other responsibilities is also key, be it after school or around a work schedule. Listening to your body’s energy levels can further guide your choice. Some may find their focus is sharpest after physical activity, while others might need complete rest before diving into their studies. Above all, consistency in your study routine is essential. It’s less about fitting into a specific time slot and more about what works in harmony with your personal rhythm and lifestyle. Remember, the optimal study time is not a fixed concept but a flexible, personal choice that maximizes your learning efficiency.”

Students’ Duties During Diwali Festival

“Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is more than just a time for celebration; it’s a period for students to demonstrate responsibility and mindfulness. A key duty is promoting eco-friendly celebrations, which includes using sustainable diyas and minimizing fireworks to protect the environment. Safety with fireworks is paramount, and students should adhere to safety protocols to prevent accidents. Balancing festivities with academic commitments is also crucial, as Diwali often coincides with important academic periods. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to deepen their cultural understanding and practice inclusivity by learning about and sharing the festival’s traditions with others. Engaging in charitable activities, such as helping the less fortunate, embodies the true spirit of Diwali. Lastly, maintaining health and well-being during the festivities is essential. By fulfilling these responsibilities, students can enjoy a meaningful and joyous Diwali, contributing positively to their communities and personal growth.”