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Apply these approaches to learn the formulas to crack IIT JEE exams

Besides lists, terms, and theories, you sometimes even require to memorize complex formulas and learn them by your heart. This can be challenging, but luckily, there are some tactics to memorize these hard to remember formulas. IIT JEE is an application-based test. Only referring to various books will not going to benefit here. To accomplish the result, smart work is required. Because of the concepts and difficulty to learn formulas make it challenging to crack the IIT JEE exam but not anymore! With the IIT foundation academy in Gurgaon, understanding of formulas gets easier.

Remembering equations and formulas may be annoying and confusing at the beginning. But once you understand the tricks to memorize the essential formulas, you will quickly enjoy those formulas and solve IITJEE MCQs.

Consider these tips by the foundation academy in Gurgaon to memorize the hard formulas easily:

1. Make notes

The best way to learn the formulas is to write them up in a separate notebook. To make the learning task easier, make a separate notebook for Physics, Chemistry, and Maths Formulas. And you can also stick notes so whenever you cross the place you can revise them easily.


Only making the notes of the formula will not help you. Practise is the most important thing that needs to be focused on after making the notes. Take the formula or equation to solve 4-5 illustrations based on them to understand its application and memorize the formulas and concepts. The foundation academy in Gurgaon helps you to prepare for this.

3.Analyze your questions

There are some equations, which their discoverers also introduce simplified forms. So, instead of mugging up the equations, try to find out the concept behind it. You just need to analyze the equation carefully.

4. Keep using the formulas

Hey! You finally learned the formulas, but the problem is they’ll not stay in your brain for long. How can you keep them alive in your memory for years? Simple! Keep on repeating when solving as much as problems you can solve, and that’s it. You’ll clear the exam without making any mistakes.

5. Take your formula test

Solve as many mock tests based on the formulas as you can. The best way is to get yourself to enroll in Lakshya’s Olympiads and test series to test your foundation. This will keep you motivated and also boost your confidence.

Contact us if you want to know more tips and tricks to learn the concepts and theories.


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