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A Dropper? These Do’s And Don’ts Will Help You In Your Jee 2020 Preparation

Acing IIT JEE is the goal of every engineering candidate to achieve, but only a few can feel the success in this extremely competitive examination. Aspirants leave no stone unturned to conquer IIT JEE to make into the top engineering colleges in the nation. The growing number of applicants has already taken the IIT game to a new level. Annually, about 12lakhs of students appear for the Main exam and amongst that 2lakhs qualify for Advanced. But this does not reflect that the aspirant, who is unable to crack the exam, does not prepare well. There could be many possible reasons such as lack of guidance, regular classes, more pressure, lack of motivation, and so on. To deal with all these causes and to avoid the same mistake in the next attempt, one should get enrol to an IIT coaching in Gurgaon.

IIT coaching in Gurgaon have discussed some do’s and don’ts that an IIT JEE aspirant must follow

This article on do’s and don’ts for IIT droppers by Lakshya, the IIT coaching in Gurgaon will help all engineering aspirants in their preparation.


“DO’s”- Things an engineering dropper should do

Begin your preparation with a confident attitude 

Thinking of past failure will not help, make a fresh start, and begin your preparation of IIT 2020 exam with a calm and confident mind. Remember your brain works according to what you feed it regularly; passing negative thoughts in your mind will deliver you negative results.

Understand the exam pattern

You should be thankful and feel lucky, as now you can take JEE twice a year for the same admission process. As a revised concept, JEE 2020 will be conducted in January and April 2020.

Moreover, the exam has opted for the online pattern now, so before starting the preparation having the keen knowledge of pattern is essential.

Regular revision is necessary

Constant revision is mandatory to ace the exam. Revising even a minor question daily, monthly, fortnightly, and weekly is necessary to keep in your mind till the D-day. The more you revise, the more you will be able to memorize. Don’t let your overconfidence a barrier between you and your preparation, whenever you get a time invest it in revising.

“DOn’ts”- Things an engineering dropper should not do

Don’t pressurize yourself

As you have cleared your 12th boards and are all set to give IIT JEE exam, do not pressurize yourself. The pressure will affect your preparation, and the outcome of that will be a disaster. Have faith in your preparation and give exam confidently.

Don’t feel bored

You may have completed the entire syllabus ones and getting bored of repeating it, do not feel bored. Opt for Lakshya, the IIT coaching in Gurgaon lecture videos and make your learning fun.

Don’t waste time

Don’t waste your time; talk less relax more. Stressing your mind will harm your preparation; do not get involved in this which will not give you results in your IIT preparation. Invest in something productive to furnish your preparation.

We hope these IIT preparation tips will help you to gain positive results in IIT JEE 2020. 


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