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5 Useful tips to balance your NEET preparation with 12th Boards

NEET coaching in Gurgaon has listed a few strategies to help you to manage your NEET and Board preparation

As the 12th boards are knocking on the door, students are finding it challenging to create a balance between their 12th boards and NEET 2020 exam preparation. A NEET aspirant must score well in both the NEET exam as well as in the board exams. This balancing of NEET and board exams becomes a difficult job to do. As the syllabus of NEET is quite similar to the board exam, so it reduces some pressure from the students to prepare for board exams, and they can get extra time to learn other remaining board topics. Lakshya, the NEET coaching in Gurgaon can be your partner throughout the preparation journey.

In this blog, aspirants can learn the tips and tricks provided by the best NEET coaching in Gurgaon to create a balance between Board and NEET 2020 exam preparation

1.Where to start

The aspirants who have already begun the preparation must know a bit about the NEET syllabus. If they are unaware of the syllabus, first, they should give a quick look at the syllabus and understand that the patter of the NEET exam is similar to class 11th and 12th syllabus, where the board exam only comprises of the 12th class syllabus. The NEET coaching in Gurgaon helps you to prepare for both with no hassle.

2.Grow an Effective Approach 

Aspirants face challenges in preparing for both the exams as they find it challenging to manage both NEET and Board exam, together. The pattern of board exam is theory-based, where the NEET exam consists of multiple-choice questions. So, developing the right approach for both the exam is important.

3.Take reference from the right book

NCERT books need to be studied religiously to balance the NEET 2020 and board exam preparation. As recommended by the experts and toppers, students must thoroughly go through all the books required in NEET and board preparation. NEET students must have an in-depth knowledge of the 11th syllabus and need to finish all NCERT books.

4.Make a well-planned schedule

 Aspirants aiming to balance the NEET and board preparations need to make a study plan, which includes self-study and time for regular classes. Students also need to put in hard work and rigorous effort in the context of studying for both the examinations.

5.Practice as much as you can

Class 12 board exams demand students to solve numerical, equations and depict diagrams elaborately. On the other hand, NEET asks questions based on formulas, numerical, and schematic diagrams. Learners should practice all the questions regularly, along with the theory for 12th boards and the NEET entrance exam.

We hope all the mentioned strategies will help you to develop an efficient plan for your NEET and Boards preparation, and you’ll be able to manage both easily. If you face any problem in the future, you can contact Lakshya, the NEET coaching in Gurgaon.


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